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The purpose of 38Super.net is to provide useful, practical information about the 38 Super cartridge.  The intent is to gather together at one location information from a wide range of sources. These sources include books, articles, myriad locations on the world wide web, fellow shooters and from the author’s personal experience.  The author will attempt to present only unbiased and objective information. Notice the word “attempt.”


About The Author

The author, B. Miller, was raised in Idaho. He worked in Law Enforcement for about 3.5 years. His life took an unexpected turn and he had to give up shooting and lived in poverty for a decade while he went to college (Idaho State University, B.S. Psychology, 1984), then graduate school (Cornell University, Ph.D. Biopsychology, 1991). Shortly after that he took up the sport again.

The author has been a shooting enthusiast for over 40 years. His first encounter with a 38 Super was in the 1970s in the form of a Colt Commander. His attempts to hotrod the Super resulted in ruptured cases. He wrongly attributed the blown cases to the gun and sold it (damn fool!!). He revisited the 38 Super around the turn of the century. Now, its one of his favorites.

He has handloaded over 100,000 rounds, of which most have been fired through 1911 type pistols, his favorite projectile delivery platform.

He began amateur gunsmithing on the 1911 pistol in the 1990s. He attended a class on Accurizing the 1911 Pistol in Trinidad, CO in 1997 taught by Jim Stroh (Owner of Alpha Precision, Comer, GA). Since then he has custom built about a dozen 1911s (Colt, Springfield Armory, Caspian, STI, Para-Ordnance) in 45 ACP, 38 Super, 9X23 Winchester, 9mm Luger and 40 S&W.

Mr. Miller began competitive shooting during his stint in Law Enforcement when he participated in police PPC matches. He began competing again in the 1990s and has participated in rifle and pistol silhouette, DCM, action pistol, IDPA, IPSC and Steel matches. Now he mostly competes in IPSC and steel matches, and has been fortunate enough to participate in USPSA 3 Gun Nationals, the Single Stack Classic (now the USPSA Single Stack Nationals), the American Handgunner World Shootoff and Winchester World Championship.


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