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Bullets (.355, .356, .357) U.S. Vendors

(this is not a complete list)

Armscor (jacketed)

Barnes (all copper)

Berry's (plated)

Bushwacker (cast) at Powder Valley

Colorado Cast Bullet (cast)

Extreme Shock (jacketed composition)

Frangible Bullets (frangible)

Hornady (jacketed, swaged lead)

Hunters Supply (cast)

Magtech (all copper, jacketed, swaged [or cast?] lead)

Meister Bullets (cast, rubber)

Midstates (cast) at Powder Valley

Montana Gold (jacketed)

Norma (jacketed)

Nosler (jacketed)

Oregon Trail (cast)

Precision Bullets (swaged, dry black lube)

Precision Delta (jacketed)

Remington (jacketed, swaged lead)

Rainier (plated)

Sierra (jacketed)

Sinterfire (frangible)

Speer (jacketed, plated, swaged lead)

S&S Casting (cast)

Winchester (jacketed)

Zero (jacketed)




Hodgdon (Hogdgon, IMR, Winchester powders)











Some Component Vendors

(this is not a complete list)

Midway USA

Natchezz Shooting Sports

Powder Valley

Graf & Sons

Ghost Holster

Guns (and parts)

Armscor (1911)

Colt (1911)

Dawson Precision (1911, 2011)

Ed Brown (1911)

European American Armory (Witness)

Kimber (1911)

Les Baer (1911)

Nowlin (1911)

Para Ordnance (1911)

Springfield Armory (1911)

Taurus (38S)

Sig Sauer (P220) Not currently produced in 38 Super (inquiry made 1-4-08)

Smith and Wesson (1911, and a Revolver in the past)

STI (1911, 2011)

SVI (1911, 2011)

Tanfoglio (Force, Combat, Gold Custom, Stock, Limited; Related to the Witness Series marketed in U.S. by European American Armory)

United States Fire-Arms (1911)

Wilson Combat (1911)


(this is not a complete list)

Brownells (all sorts of great stuff here)

Caspian (1911)

Chip McCormick (1911)

Evolution Gun Works (EGW, 1911)

Kart (Match barrels) NO WEBSITE Kart Precision Barrel Corp., 3975 Garner Street SW, Shallotte, NC, 28470 USA, Tel. (910) 754-5212, Fax. (910) 754-5210

Midway USA (1911)

Rock River Arms (1911)

Schuemann (1911 barrels)

Shooters Connection (1911)

Shooting Organizations

IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)

IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation)

NRA (National Rifle Association)

NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation)

USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association)


Colt Autos A website for Colt Automatic Pistol Collectors

Brass Headstamps from Across the World

Para Ordnance 38 Super and 9mm Magazines
Nosedive video
38 Super v. 9X23 barrel hood
Brass Test
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